Jane C. Little

Jane Little I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick. My parents were both educators and, as a result of my father’s continued studies as a Clinical Psychologist, I was something of an academic brat. I started my grade schooling in Edmonton, Alberta and graduated from Oak Bay High School in Victoria, B.C. in 1981. Once settled in B.C. there was nowhere else I wished to live.

My under graduate work was completed at the University of Victoria where I graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts (with honours) in psychology. I then went on to complete my Law Degree.

I had the pleasure of articling with McNeney and McNeney in 1992-1993 and have been with the firm ever since. I have worked extensively with Jim McNeney both in and out of Court, but especially enjoy working face to face with the clients helping to develop their claims.

Over the years I have come to understand the frustration that injured people experience when they are thrown unto the alien arena that is litigation. A frequent complaint I have heard from people who have previously been involved in motor vehicle cases is that no one had taken the time to explain the process. I want our clients to know what to expect as their claim develops – there are no stupid questions.

My background is and has developed into my having special interest in the effects of chronic pain and Traumatic Brain Injury on the quality of an injured persons life. Both of these conditions can be debilitating without obvious signs to the observer.

Often times the sufferer has spent months or even years trying to understand why improvement has not occurred and feeling as though doctors, family, and friends don’t believe them. I’ve seen first hand the relief a client experiences when I can describe many of their symptoms before they do. A little validation goes a long way in assuring the sufferer that he/she isn’t “crazy”, a whiner, or hypochondriac.

Once an injured party retains a lawyer, ICBC can no longer directly contact that person. Therefore, it allows the person to focus on rehabilitation and recovery instead of trying to navigate the ICBC gauntlet alone.

I enjoy spending my spare time with my 10 year old son, gardening and writing. My husband is a machinist and a very talented motorcycle mechanic. Together we have put thousands of miles on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Summers are spent traveling to and from C.M.D.R.A and A.H.D.R.A. events to race the Pro Fuel and Top Fuel Harley’s designed and built by my husband.

One way or the other every one at the McNeney and McNeney firm is well acquainted with motorcycles and we are here to help you.